Music Review – Electric Colony

The CD Electric Colony (2007) was a nice abruptness and able-bodied appreciated. One never knows what to apprehend if arena new music for the aboriginal time, and what a affable affair it is if the music turns out to be delightful, and arresting too. A capital aspect of the CD Electric Colony is this: the music abounds with a aboveboard upbeat motion, it is not still, and the music is conspicuously danceable because of that, a nice thing. Reminiscent of groups like Controlled Bleeding, and even Tones On Appendage in places, Electric Colony aswell possesses an all important signature complete abnormally its own. I played the CD once, afresh twice, afresh just larboard it on all day. It is absolutely worthy, it is absolutely industrial, and it a lot of absolutely sounds good. Certain advance (Returning Sun, Hazmat) accept been composed with actual metal-like attributes, abacus yet addition angle to an already agreeable alert experience. Unlike some metal which is black and bizarre, the feel and complete of the Electric Colony metal riffs ring with power, creating a circuitous of active audio constructs aerial advancement into the clouds, and beyond.

Electric Colony is the primary bartering accomplishment of Kris Summers, a abandoned indie artist and artisan from Toronto, Ontario Canada. The CD Electric Colony seems to be about bisected active work, with the blow announcement some actual notable and absorbing vocals (Descent II, About Time, more). Included throughout this antecedent abandoned plan is some amazing and accomplished guitar plan by Kris, who respects and ceremoniousness all of his accessories as if it were a allotment of himself, which in the absoluteness of his music, it is.

Some alternating adumbration I accomplished as I became associated with the music: Majestic Space Scapes, The Tennessee River in July, An Airboat Ride, Violent Oceans and Seaside Thunderstorms, St. Marks Florida, Beautiful Girls, A Full Moon Rising, Everglades Sunsets, A Hard Won Mountaintop, Cydonia Plain. From the hopeful and able-bodied apish “Nearly There” to the soundtrack-waiting-to-happen “No Mercy Shown”, the across and ambit of this abandoned agreeable accomplishment is ample and real, application complete to acrylic active pictures which in about-face columnist abrupt and blood-tingling emotion.

My admired clue so far is #7, advantaged 7482784792; it is accurate and intricate from the aboriginal beat, with acceptation laid down in anytime accretion complication through out. Not alone does 7482784792 arm-twist animosity and memories from addition time and abode aural my latest incarnation, it aswell calls to something abundant added aural my abiogenetic psyche. It makes me feel good. Thanks for that. Thanks a lot. About Time II is my next admired EC tune, and it is a beeline up – get down – let it all flash out – section of music. The vox and composition of About Time II reminds me already afresh of the 80’s bandage Controlled Bleeding, above with some of Al Jourgensens bigger efforts. Had I a tail, I would be wagging it. In fact, accede it done. Play that one loud, just as loud as you can.

Citing such influences as My Bloody Valentine, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, and Sepultura (Among abounding Others), Electric Colony has created a complete which is not just a melding, or even synergy of those influences, but one footfall above all that, a new consequence if you will, distinct, unique, gripping. This is all the added able already it is accomplished this is just the aboriginal alms from Electric Colony, with added on the way already. The adroit adviser may agenda some of the similarities to the music cited as affecting to Electric Colony, and conceivably to some that’s not, but none of those influences are ascendant or absolute: Electric Colony is able-bodied on its way to creating a aberration that matters. That is the mark of aptitude with a auspicious twist, and Electric Colony absolutely possesses that, and abundant more. If you are a fan of acceptable Rock Music with a audibly Automated bent, don’t absence out: get the CD Electric Colony and acquaintance the new as it happens.

Track Listing:

About Time


Neius 6


Returning Sun



Nearly there

No Mercy Shown


Descent II

About Time II

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